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For the Month of May 2016

Hey everyone,

May was a good month of reading! Unfortunately life happened this month, and I was only able to compete three books. This month's featured title was awesome and  suggest it to everyone!


Featured Book of the Month

Sleep Smarter

By Shawn Stevenson

Wow, honestly all I can say is wow. This book changed my life and more importantly changed my sleep. Shawn Stevenson not only gives strategies that will help you sleep, but also discusses the science and reasoning behind why it will help you sleep. Shawn's knowledge coupled with his sense of humor and effortlessness coolness makes this book a quick read.

I would love to break down all of the strategies in this book for you, but if I did that, why would you have any reason to buy it :-p

All I will say is the strategies are easy to implement in you life, and Shawn's Sleep Smarter Tips in each chapter are a great way to quickly reference the chapters in the future. The book consists of 21 strategies and over 50 tips to help improve your sleep. Each tip implemented solely or in combination with other tips will maximize the quality of your sleep.

Shawn provides a 14 day sleep improvement plan that I guarantee will get you on the track to sleeping better. I have implemented many of the strategies in my life and have noticed a drastic improvement in quality of sleep. This has been so pivotal in my life, that I designed a lesson plan based on his concepts and taught it to all of my Middle School classes! In the world of therapy, as we all know, sleep is key. I have found myself referencing this book in therapy sessions with almost all of my clients this month.

PLEASE if you buy one book this year, let it be this one, you will not regret it! The author has went above and beyond with this book so please support him!

For additional information on Shawn Stevenson and his work please check out his site website.

Be sure to take a listen to all of the free content that he has available in podcasts over 4 million downloads can not be wrong!

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